coNNect Agency is a London based brand development agency which embodies a new wave into brand recognition strategies. Jewellery and fashion is our passion and we do live with this moto in mind. We work with emerging jewellery designers from all over the world and help them develop brand awareness and growth. In today's changing and fast developing world, we have adapted and created our own unique way to promote brands. We are remarkably selective with the brands we represent.

About us

• Rich Experience in the Jewellery and Fashion Industry
• Impact-based Approach
• Jewellery Passion
• Networking
• Trustworthy and client oriented approach In the time of globalization, many emerging and bright designers are facing highly challenging commercial environment as they come across intense competition in gaining awareness and increasing sales on the market. Our Mission is to help independent designers engage with their customers’ lives. We can assist innovative and upcoming talented designers in raising their international profile. Our focus and expertise is in the wholesale distribution. Our aim is to introduce your brand to the new markets and support you maximise your presence in a worldwide retail section.

Our Designers